"A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into."

Ansel Adams


Wedding Photography

Capturing moments that last a lifetime


Couple Photography

You smile I melt


Baby Photography

A little bit of heaven on earth


Food Photography

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate


Event Photography

It's all in the details



Happy to capture it all for you


Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding

Bridal Portraits

Destination Wedding



Pre-wedding Shoots

Couple Portraits

Engagement Photography



New-born Baby


Birthday Party

Kid Portraits


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A few kind words

"We thank everyone at S.A.S Photography for their excellent work, professionalism, kindness and understanding. The attention to the details to the stunning food shots were intricate and the end results were more than what we actually expected. They are extremely focused in their work and doesn’t leave any margin of errors whatsoever."


About Us

We are Shutter and Shades

A team of three, we are passionate about telling stories with our cameras. Currently based in Kolkata, we believe in capturing pictures that portray a narrative with astonishing details and rich images.

We firmly believe that the small intimate moments make any event special and work very hard to ensure that a beautiful story is weaved through our photograph.

We are determined to capture the breathing, living moments that make every event in an individual’s life special-whether the occasion is wedding, birth of a child or any other incident. We specialize in wedding and couple photography, baby photography, corporate portrait, estate photography, event, commercial and food photography, as well as photo editing services.

SAS Photography Team

Sommouli Sarkar

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Abhishek Das

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Sutonu Mukherjee

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